Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 1st Updates

It's that time again...our talented TDIPT artist are busy updating their mercantile pages. Your gonna be blown away with all the spectacular goodies they have in store for you this month. Just take a peek at a few of the fab offerings ....

Uncle Riggie Mortis From Karen AKA Cookie of Curds & Whey

 Felicity Flutterbunny from Annette of Confounded Concoctions
Cecelia a Circus Runaway from Michelle AKA The Blackberry Briar
Click *here* to find more of TDIPT's Artist offerings.


  1. Love all the offerings from the talented TDIPTers!

  2. each month, amazing pieces are offered by the group - Looking forward to tomorrow nights treasures! I know I will not be disappointed :)

  3. Those are spectacular pieces! I'm blown away by the detail put into each one.

    Wonderful work. :)


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