Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 15th Updates

TDIPT Update time. Our Artist who update on the 15th are working like busy little bees updating their Mercantile pages. I got a couple of them to share a few pictures with us so we could have a sneak peek.

From Sue of 1897 House Primitives ~ OLde 1802 Santa with Dollie

From Country Crocks By Susan Burd ~ Pumpkin Peddler Block Set
Click *here* to find much much more from our talented Artist.


  1. YaY!!! My favorite days of each month are the 1st and 15th!! ♥
    Fantastic offerings as always!!

  2. Wonderful pieces! The Moonies Rock!

  3. Love TDIPT! Many of your pieces grace my house! Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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