Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow ?

Here are the final pictures from our summer series of How Does Your Garden Grow? Though they may be the final pictures they certainly are not the least.

The first pictures are shared with us by Karin AKA Countryfolk Keepsakes. You can tell just by looking at her beautiful flower gardens and displays that Karin has a sunny & humorous personality.

Thanks Karin!

Take a look at these pictires from Sue AKA 1897 House. Such beautiful and breath taking garden and flower beds. How I would love to be setting on that front porch sipping tea.

Thanks Sue!

And our last pictures are from Annette AKA Confounded Concoctions.
What a tasty looking garden she has. And check out this big ole sunflower,love it!

Thanks Annette!

Thanks to all of you who have shared our gardens with us.
And a big thanks to the TDIPT ladies for sharing their pictures.


  1. WOW WOW WOW!!! The TDIPT gals sure have some green thumbs!

    Peanut has such a knack for decorating, inside and out!

    And yes, the porch of the prisitne and BEAUTIFUL 1897 house is oh so inviting! those gorgeous red peppers!

    thanks to all who were kind enough to share!

  2. Beautiful gardens. I have a fence like Karin's and was thinking of doing a bench like that to start around.


  3. WOW!.. The creativity in this group is amazing!!!
    I enjoyed seeing the gardens!
    Sue Corlett 1897 House

  4. How I love these garden posts!
    Sue, your grounds are just beautiful! I love all the field stone. ♥
    Annette, I will live vicariously through your veggie garden because ours is terrible this season. If I could, I would pluck that pepper and run! It looks delicious! :> )

  5. All such beautiful gardens. I will be sure to return often to these garden posts for inspiration, especially when winter comes to Iowa!

  6. What awesome garden pics! Thank for sharing with us :)

  7. Peanut your so cute! When can I move in?
    Love all the pics so beautiful and just want to make me get out there and plant!


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