Saturday, June 6, 2009

Take a Walk Through Our Garden...

Here at our house,we LOVE to garden!We can't wait for summertime,and all of the wonderful vegetables that our gardens will bless us with.There's nothing like a fresh tomato sandwich!We live in Northwest Georgia,so we are fortunate to be able to start our gardens a little earlier than some parts of the country.Our tomato patch is coming along well,the plants are just springing up,this past week!

There's also nothing like sweet corn,fresh from the garden,either!It just melts in your mouth!The gray kitty in the picture has recently adopted us,along with her tiny kitten!Also pictured are some vibrant Zucchini plants,just starting to bloom their beautiful,large yellow flowers.

Wonderful,string beans finally starting to climb!

The Strawberry patch is currently picked bare,from all the heavenly strawberry pancakes my husband has been making!

This year,we have added a Pumpkin Patch,we have around ten mounds of different varieties.Hopefully,you'll see me posting pictures here in the Fall of lots of beautiful Pumpkins!Here is a picture of one of the mounds that is supposed to yield Pumpkins 200 pounds and upwards!

Thank you so very much,for stopping by the TDIPT Blog,and taking a moment to read our posts!We're so glad you dropped in!
~Mandy,Fiddlestix Studios


  1. Mandy your garden is just beautiful!
    Everything looks so healthy!
    I tried my hand at a veggie garden last year in Georgia but it was so sad and I vowed never to do that again.
    I'll just stick to flowers!

    I loved taking a peek in your garden!


  2. Mandy your garden is wonderful! I wish I could grown strawberries! You'll have to post pics of the pumpkins when they are ready.

  3. Mandy your garden is beautiful. I can't wait to see those pumpkins in the fall!


  4. Mandykins your garden looks wonderful!!!
    I love how that sweet lil' kitty is eyeballin' the corn. :> )
    (Now I have a hankerin' for strawberry pancakes. Yum!

  5. Oh, Mandy !

    Love your garden !... How big everything is already ! I am just planting my garden ! Haven't even gotten the corn planted yet !

    I really miss NW Georgia.. after living there for 12 years, it got in my blood ! Even had a slight accent for awhile !


  6. Oh Mandy...your garden is beautiful, and so well planned out! I can see lots of work into it, and I know you must all be so excited when it is harvest time! I hope you get lots of pumpkins, and the Strawberry p-cakes sound good!

  7. I am in awe over your beautiful garden, Mandy, and the little kitty is just precious. What a wonderful pictorial! Thank you. Jane

  8. Mandy your garden looks so nice. I can taste all the yummy treats you are going to harvest already.~~Pam

  9. what a lovely garden! You are so ahead of us up here in Montana!! Makes me remember the 12 years of living in SW TN. and the 5 acre garden we had there, that we shared with a family of Mennonites who lived with us, working the land by horse and sweat!
    Thank you for sharing...

  10. in lieu of having my own garden to nurture along, i'm moving in to help you, k? !!!


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