Thursday, June 4, 2009

Favorite Thing

Pam of GoldiLoo Woodworks had a great idea for her TDIPT sisters, to show a favorite thing of theirs.
I got to thinking what piece of furniture or painting or collectible would I rush out of the house with in case we got one of our Florida hurricanes this year. It was a bit overwhelming as I pretty much love all my stuff and could not pick one item Inside my house!
When my father passed away in 2005, I wanted to have a lil memory garden to honor him and in the corner of our yard I planted a lil rose bush. Since then I've lost a grandmother and two Boston Terriers and the corner patch grew. Throw in a vintage table and chairs, crazy old signs, wall pockets, etc.(some which are down now from the wind and rain we just went thru here in FL)and sunflowers or tomatoes, all on a blanket of mose rose, with little surprises here and there.
I guess my favorite thing is my garden area. Its a sweet place to have our cocktails and snacks or lunch and appreciate our blessings and those we love.
Oh and Henry loves to hunt lizards and lounge there as well.


  1. Carol, your favorite space and everything in it is wonderful!

    What a nice tribute to your loved ones.

    Henry is a lucky fella!

    Thank you for giving us a peek.


  2. What a wonderful space Carol! I'm sure your daddy and grammy are looking down on you with smiles from ear to ear. :> )
    I am madly in love with Henry!

  3. Carol, your favorite thing is surely to be treasured! You've fixed it up so pretty, and it's screams Carol Roll Nostalgic Folk Art! It's you all the way, and your artistic flair shines brightly in your little corner nook of your yard, and it is so very inviting!
    I would love to sit down in your garden spot, and have a drink, and good conversation with you.

    Thank you for sharing, and your Henry is the cuest Boston I've ever laid eyes on!

  4. Wow, between the roses and the tomatoes I want to live there!!!! I love your garden. You are so lucky to have such and beautiful space, but of course you need somewhere to rejuvenate!!!
    Margaret B

  5. Carol,

    I love how you made your space so charming and personal as it reflects what's in your heart. Your story is so touching. I love your dog too. Thanks so much letting me "visit". Friend, Jane

  6. Carol,

    Your *special* place in your yard is so cozy and inviting...I love how you have given it your touch ! I will take a tall glass of sweet tea, thank you, and a cucumber sandwich.. :o)...on second thought, make it a fried green tomato sandwich ! ;o)

    Are those this year's tomatoes ?

    Your doggie is sweet !


  7. Thanks girls! Yes Linda those are this years tomatoes. Oh I love fried tomatoes!

  8. Carol, I just love your garden with the sweet cozy sitting area and special plantings for your Dad and Grandma. Everything looks so welcoming.
    And of course, Henry is just adorable!


  9. Well, I love all the pics but, you know sweet Henry stole my heart right away!!! Hugs, MO

  10. I had to pop back in here and get my Henry fix. :> )

  11. Oh yes Carol I love it too, I see why its one of your favorite things. And Henry is such a cutie pie.♥ ~~Pam

  12. ok, this makes me hungry for a fried green tomato sandwich while I've got a lapfull of Henry!!!

    Love your favorite spot, Jinx - it suits you to a "T"!!


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