Saturday, February 7, 2009

I was lucky enough to inherit my Grandmother's postcard collection. I just love looking at the old images, and reading the back of the cards. Here are a couple of my favorite Valentine ones:
I really like the fact that it wasn't just women who sent them - this is the back of one of the above pictured cards, that was sent by my Grandfather on February 6, 1919, when he was in the service. Also note how there are no street addresses - just the name and town! It reads: "We are fine and dandy. Hope all of you are the same. Will write later. Edw J. Larkin"
The images are still bright and beautiful after all of these years, even if there are a few bent corners.
Here is the back of another Valentine postcard that was sent to my Uncle Patty, from an old friend....(I'm trying to imagine guys sending Valentine postcards to their buddies today?!)

It reads: "Well, how are you, Pat? Why don't you write? We are all well and hope you the same. how do you like prairie life. Is there any hills. Well this is all for now Goodby from your old friend, Ed. Potter".


  1. Nancy, you are so lucky to have these lovely keepsakes!

    It is kind of hard to imagine men sending these today.

    Thank you for posting them.


  2. Nanc, these are wonderful! How I wish we could turn back time. :> )Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Nancy, thank you for sharing, I love collecting old post cards. Halloween and Christmas ones are my favorites but the ones you and Mo have shown us are simply beautiful. I can't imagine men of today sending each other post cards, the times have changed, haven't they?

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them.


  4. How lucky are you to have such history. These postcards are beautiful.

  5. Arn't these postcards just the most wonderful ,sweetest indearments,of any time.I'm just amazed at the beauty of them .Thank you for sharing part of your family heirloom.You are so lucky to have these .Happy Valentine's Day!!!XXOO Marie Antionette

  6. Oh Nanc....a girl after my own heart.... I just love the sentiments of yesterday.... Thank you for sharing... Hugs, MO

  7. oh Nancy, what a beautiful collection to have and to know they are from your dear Grandmother! Those are treasures like no other.
    Thank you for sharing w/ us.

  8. oh, these are breathtaking - and how precious that they belonged to your dear Grandmother.

    Lovely keepsakes, sweet Nanc ♥


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