Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Carol Roll Exhibit at Mt. Dora, FL Art Show

"Here I am in my tent at the Mt.Dora Art Festival in beautiful Mt. Dora Fl. An estimated 250,000 people were expected to have visited the festival and it sure felt like it. There were so many wonderful artists with beautiful pieces I don't know how anyone could decide on what to purchase. One of the highlights of being there was meeting my TDIPT sister Janelle of Little Sister's Dolls! She is a runt like me as you can see by her pic(s)! The little town is so quaint and friendly with so many wonderful little shops and if I'm lucky enough I'd do this show again!"
*Following Photos and tour of Mt. Dora, contributed by Janelle - Little Sister's Dolls*
Some photos Janelle took of Carol's things

A few more pieces

I loved this piece called "Goldieloo", named after a TDIPT Sister

Janelle and Carol - Runts R Us!

*Tour of the town of Mt. Dora, FL*

Located in Lake County, which is smack dab in the heart of central FL., Mt. Dora is a beautiful little town nestled in among a chain of lakes that host bass fishing tournaments, speed boat races, leisure boating, and the renowned annual art festival.

Mt. Dora is draped in huge old southern Oaks, which just add to its charm and character. Large Victorian homes also dot the landscape downtown, and there are also cafes, art galleries and quaint little shops.

It's only about 15 miles from where I live, and I was thrilled in the chance to drive over and meet Carol, and see first-hand, her remarkable works of art!

Lake Dora

Lakeside Inn - a beautiful old Victorian B & B

A dock that leads out to where one can take a ride on a sea plane, which you can kind of see in the background

A family favorite - train rides through the town


  1. Jinx, your booth is amazing, and your work is nothing short of incredible! I cannot imagine seeing all those works of beauty all together up close and in person, under one roof! It would feel like EYE CANDY heaven! What an exciting show, and wow, so many people attending!
    You are adorable, and I love love love your wear it well, and it's you all the way :)'re a doll too, and what fun to see the 2 of you together.....and how lucky you are!

  2. HA !!
    I was just on the phone and told Jinx how stinkin' adorable she is in her hat.
    I'm a hat freak too - and this one is adorable!

    Janelle and Jinx are just as cute as can be but yeah, I would never be able to limit myself to ONE thing in this booth!

    Love it all ♥

  3. You two are ADORABLE! Like two lil' peas in a pod!
    I know first hand how fabulous Jinxie's creation are! Those hands of hers are truly blessed from above! :> )

  4. Janelle you did a great job!! Thanks for putting up with me! I love what you did and am blessed to be your TDIPT sister!

  5. Jinx.....I too, am blessed to be YOUR TDIPT Sistah! :)
    What fun it was meeting you, and getting to drool over all your stuff! :)

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  7. Jinx, you are so talented and clever in your artistry!

    It was hard for me to say that I liked one piece more than another, so I'll jusr say I love them all!

    So glad that you and Janelle had the chance to meet.

    Thank you for sharing with all of us!


  8. How Great is that...Jinx & Janelle getting a chance to meet and get acquainted...
    Peanut, you stole my thought about them being "Two Peas in a Pod". Looks like they had a wonderful time and of course we all know how amazingly talented Jinx is...Hope you 'sold out'...

  9. How wonderful!!! Wooo hoooo Jinxie, I see a thousand pieces I want!!! Thank you so much Janelle for taking the wonderful pics... looks like so much fun, I wish we could have all been there!!! Love, Mo

  10. Carol & Janelle, you 2 are adorable. Carol your booth looks so yummy!I wish I could have been there!

  11. What a neat post! How fun it is to see both of you sweet ladies together. And Carol, your booth is filled with amazing pieces! Hope you had a great show.


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