Thursday, February 5, 2009

~These are a few of my favorite things~

Well, I thought I would post a few pics of my very small collection of antique and vintage Valentines! I keep them tucked away in a drawer and get them out every once in awhile... Many of them are well loved, with creases or tiny tears but, I love them, just the same.

I guess it's just that, in this day of email, text messaging, blogging etc etc...We don't have this anymore. You know, the sweet touch of the written word. Well, sometimes but, oh not nearly as divine as "way back when". Don't get me wrong, I am an emailing and text messaging QUEEN!! I love it, I really do, however, it is so nice to look at these sweet old paper mechanical and die cut Valentines and think about what it must have been like... Picking out just the perfect sentiment, and pretty paper cards for your friends and sweetheart.

We all love it when the postman comes and there is a card with a handwritten note from a family member or pal...So, today or sometime this week, month, year.... make or purchase a special piece of "paper art" for someone, I promise it will make their day.

Thank you for stopping by, Hugs.... MO

Mechanical card printed in New York..Move the lever an the dogs tongue wags

Mechanical card printed in Germany~Move the lever and the gents arm moves up and down and the dogs tongues wag.

Die cut from Germany~sweet and detailed

Die cut from Germany~One says "To my Valentine~This little card I send to you~To tell you I continue true"
The last in my tiny collection


  1. OMG, I love these Mo, and especially the one w/ the doggie! No wonder they are among your favorite things :)

  2. oh, and you are soooo right! I used to love to get a Valentine from my Mim in the mail when I was a little girl. Now, they don't even come w/ envelopes!
    Thank you for sharing, what a wonderful collection you have Mo!

  3. Oh these are great Mo! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. Thank you girls...Patty, oh I KNOW you like the ones with the doggies, surprise, surprise... LOL
    I do hope to slowly add to my little collection and hopefully this will make some of us "drop a line" to someone special.... Hugs, MO

  5. WOW MO! Those are just awesome!

  6. Mo, thank you for sharing your Valentine treasures!

    Such a delight to see them. I can only imagine having a collection of them, as they are wonderful!


  7. Mo, these are gorgeous, I can understand why you love them so.
    Those were the days!

    I loved seeing your collection, thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Wow, how adorable!
    I remember during elementary days, always looking forward to taking a shoe box to school to decorate for Valentine's Day and then the anticipation of filling that up!
    Love these priceless gems - they hold a treasure of memories for us ♥

  9. Mo they are gorgeous! The graffix are fantastic.


  10. These are wonderful Mo!!! I'm smitten with googly eye dollie one!! :> )

  11. I love these MO!How wonderful that you actually own them.Most of us only get to enjoy the pictures of the old Valentine's on our computer's.What treasures!

  12. These are just AWESOME, Mo! You'd really like to visit a local antique store here - they have all kinds of these wonderful old Valentines that I know you'd love!!


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