Sunday, September 21, 2008

~Halloween @ GoldieLoo's~

I'm following suit of Cookie's trend to share a tiny bit of my Harvest decor. One would think with Halloween being my favorite time of the year I would deck out every nook & cranny. I used to but I must confess the past few years I have cut back greatly due to simply being too busy to do it all. Most of my decor is a mixture of things I have collected or made over the years and I now put out only my very favorite pieces.
Look might see a few things from some other TDIPT artists.


I'll start of my tour with My olde Mr.Scarecrow. This is my own design I whipped up years ago and I still love to drag him out at the first tiny hint of fall.

A new Favorite!

The old Hoosier all decked out.

I never knew I had so many scarecrows! :)

Thats the end of my wee little tour, I hope you have enjoyed it.

Remember No tricks, Treaters only.

Happy Halloween !

Now, who will be the next TDIPT Artist to follow suit ?


  1. oh Pammie, what fun to visit your house! You have lots of goodies! Is that your new penny rug from Sharon? It looks great on your table! And I see Starla's scarecrow, love him too!

    Your hoosier is SWEET!

    Thanks for letting us into your house, again, it's been fun :)

  2. Love everything!!!

    I'm thinking I need that sweet scarecrow of Starlalalala's and I could find a place for that Penny Rug too ♥

    Love your festive home, Pam - its lovely!!

  3. Thanks U2. That penny rug is from Sharon.Can you believe its her first one?

  4. Looks wonderful Pam! love all the scarecrows !


  5. Pam, everything looks great. Love your scarecrows!


  6. MEEE...
    I am working on it
    it is a work in progress...slow but sure!
    You will be a hard act to follow...everything is
    ghoulishy gorgeous!!!
    I should have some pics to submit for my blog very sooon.

    Village Folk Art

  7. Pam!Your home looks great!
    Ah-hem,didn't you say you've scaled back???;)I love it all!Thanks so much for sharing you're pics with us!

  8. MEEE TOOO...
    Your home looks so inviting and ready for all the tricksters OR ???

    Have Fun and a Great Day,


  9. Pam! Your house looks wonderful and so homey! Whatdya say i come visit for awhile with my pups and we can sit and eat chocolate and gab!!!

  10. Yeah Jen come on over, everyones invited ! ;) Thanks yall !!

  11. dang... i should have made my way down to your place this weekend - i see LOTS OF THINGS i could have strapped on the top of the bike!!!


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