Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Stop The Presses! Kudos!

Patty Kelly Trevino of Dogpatch Primitives has  very good news to share. She is going to be getting a job w

the city  she lives in and will be working at the animal shelter.

" It may not seem like a big deal, but to get the full appreciation you would have to understand

that our local pound here has never allowed adoptions. That will all be changing

as I will be the shelter attendant and will be coordinating rescues and

adoptions for the Animals".

She is also working on getting a grant for a makeover to make the shelter a cheerier place for all.

"I'm very excited as this is a huge step and one I had to fight for and have wanted to do for years. "

This is great new especially for those animals in need!


  1. How wonderful. She will make such a difference in the lives of so many animals. I commend her on her dedication to such a worthy cause. All the best to you Patty.

  2. That's great news Patty! What a wonderful opportunity to make a difference! Hugs~~Pam

  3. I agree, this is terrific news!! Patty has the love and drive to find homes for all shelter furbabies. She is truly a blessing to them. ♥

  4. Thanks ladies! I wanted somebody to do something then realized I was somebody. -~ Lilly Tomlin

  5. how wonderful... you were born for this and will make such a difference! Your drive will bring great and much needed change, i'm sure. Congrats, sister


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