Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Favorite Thing We've Made

Was the question submitted to the Tdipt members and from the responses received, I can see why these pieces were chosen.

We make so many items throughout the years and our tastes grow and change and so this question might seem impossible, but not for these gals.

Pam of GoldiLoo Woodworks sent in a picture of one of her beautiful gameboards.
Her seasonal work is so wonderful!

And from Hope Rayel Handmad Dolls this lovely gal, Little Lady Liberty she says, " Her dress is made from a destroyed flag that my grandparents had hanging in their front yard. I just couldn't throw the flag away even though it was in tatters, so I decided to upcycle it! Just love the memory of the flag and her sweet face!

Love the flag dress!

Karen Brady of Brady Bears sent in this Halloween bear. How she chose a favorite is beyond me!
 She says," Here is one of my favorite pieces...His name is Boo Bear. He's one of my favs because I love Halloween and he turned out so fun! I love the contrast of the black & white romper with the orange color of the bear. I also love the way his banner turned out. He looks like he should be in a parade!"


Cookie DeGreve of Curds- and -Whey sent in the very original Bat Girl

and she also sent in the adorable Acorn Annie. Two different pieces full of personality!

Sue Corlett of 1897 House Primitives says of  this beautiful Christmas piece, "I make Santa's year around ..but every year I make a doll, that I fall madly in love with. "Olde Toys" is this seasons favorite. I realize the Santa season is just really getting started for the artists, but I am certain, this one will be hard to beat. I had a real hard time letting him go."

Edna Bridges of PlumThicket  sent in a picture of these sweet cherubs and says, "It's hard for me to give up some of the things I make, like my favorite Cherubs that I made in December of 2006. Therefore, I have a *large* personal collection."

And the last gal we have is Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou, she sent in these 2 pics and stated, "I have to say Eudora is one of my very favorites. She appeared in the current issue Art Doll Quarterly 2012. She was my 1st clay witch and I have kept her for my own."  Scary Fun!

Carly also mentioned that she will be at the Spirits of Sanford Show next weekend, check out her blog to get all the info , so if your in the area check out her booth and say hello!
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  1. What fun, Jinxie... i love the fresh themes and new perspective you are bringing. job well done, sister !

  2. Thanks Cookie for always being so positive, helpful and participating!


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