Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Have You Seen The Goodies?!

On Ebay, there are some really wonderful work listed by
Brady Bears (hurry up this one's about to end), Dogpatch PrimitvesPatty, Make Me A Memory Primitives,Prairie House Primitives,Hidden In The Attic and Nothing Plane by Jane!

Brady Bears are so wonderful and bring joy to all her collectors, look at this lil fella, he needs his forever home. And ebay is the place to find her work at a great price.

 Dogpatch Primitives has the most distinct primitive color palette. Her work is pure prim love. Yep go ahead call me biased as a collector but I got eyes I can see quality.

Hidden in The Attic's wares are beautiful, look at the face on this Santa! Just look, enough said!

 Make Me A Memorie's fruits and veggies are so life like. What a great display in a basket for your primitive or antique filled kitchen or dining area. Unbelievable likeness.

This Prairie House Primitive cabin is perfect! and she has more listed on ebay too! Everyone needs a second home and Jen's are affordable luxury.

Nothing Plane by Jane is another gal who gives good face (my apologies to Madonna). The depth and shading she puts on her soft sculptures make her faces so real. And look at her embellishings Another must have!

For more pics and details just hit the tdipt ebay button or head over to ebay and in the search type Tdipt!

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