Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Maple Syrup Time

A sure sign that Spring is just around the corner up here in Northwestern Pennsylvania is seeing the sap buckets on the maple trees. These photos were taken on my road out in the country. Anywhere from mid February on its time to tap. Local farmers spend the days tapping trees and will be waiting for the sap to run, usually in March. Once the freeze-thaw cycle begins and the daytime temperatures reach above the freezing mark the sap will begin to flow. Next will come the process of boiling the sap and making delicious maple syrup. One tap hole will yield 10 gallons of sap to condensed into 1 quart of maple syrup. It doesn't hurt the trees to take sap and you don't tap a tree twice. Next to Vermont, Pennsylvania produces some to the best maple syrup around. More so than the first robin or the first daffodil , this is my first sign that spring is coming. Down Lynn of 2stitchin's little country road!


  1. Oh there is just nothing better in this whole world than fresh maple syrup!

    Jean :)

  2. Oh How interesting Lynn, I need to learn how to make it since I have so many maple trees :)~~Pam

  3. Wow Lynn, I never knew! What an interesting post this is!

  4. Maple Syrup time in Ontario too - Purple Woods which is very close to me
    have started to tap the trees. Yummy!

  5. I loved seeing the sap buckets hanging on the trees, Lynn. Thank you for telling us about it. There's nothing like maple syrup on a stack of yummy pancakes!

  6. Hi Lynn! I sure enjoyed reading about the maple syrup. You took me to a place I've never been. How very interesting and well written. Thank you, friend. Jane


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