Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TDIPT Presents.....

~ Homes For The Holiday ~

Please join us, while we give you the grand tour into some of our members homes......all gussied up for the Holiday Season. You'll see many flavors of holiday spirit and decor, from quaint and cozy, to elegant Victorian, but one thing for sure....each of them say "Come on in"

Audrey AKA Bay Rays Child is the first to open her doors and welcome us into her gorgeous home in upstate New York

She sure knows how to Deck the Halls!

I just love her greenery, it all looks so festive on her mantle

What a sweet little Santa

Oh My! Just look at that table!

I think that cupboard was made for that wreath, or maybe the other way around?

I love the skinny tree, and I really love that Hoosier!
Thank you's been fun to visit!

~Happy Holidays~


  1. Make room for me Audrey because I'm moving in!! :> )

  2. Wow! What a beautiful home Audrey! It's just lovely!

    Blessings, Patti

  3. I'm moving in too Peanut! I've called dibs on the
    Audrey, your home is a showplace, and we love it when you share pics of all your beautiful decor..


  4. I love your home too Audrey.I will be moving in, hope you have slepping bags. ;)

  5. Audrey, your home should be featured in a magazine. I would feel like a queen if I lived in a home that looked like yours. It's beautiful. - Deb

  6. Take a bow Audrey! That was the most beautiful home tour i have EVER been on! Your style is just exquisite! I LOVE IT ALL!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Everything is just beautiful! I love your mantle! Your style amazing!!!

  8. I say we move in and turn it into Audrey's B&B!!!

  9. Audrey, your home puts the homes in magazines to shame! It's simply beautiful and so welcoming.


  10. Oh my gosh, I'm moving in too...your home is stunning. Just Stunning.

    Thank you for inviting us to your home for the holidays.

    Take care,


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