Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Season's Greetings from the Sunshine State

Next stop on our Homes for the Holiday tour is the home of Carol Roll.

Carol has a nice collection of Vintage Christmas decorations, and I love the aqua Feather Tree, as well as her eclectic taste in decorating! It all just seems so fitting for sunny Florida!

Look at that box, does it say Woolworth? Talk about a trip down Memory Lane!
Thank you Carol for giving us a peek into your lovely vintage decorated home!


  1. Carol, what a very happy feeling I get looking at your holiday decor!
    It is so unique and beautiful!
    I love it!


  2. Oh Jinxie, I love it!!! It brings me right back to when I was a young'un and visitin' my grammie's house!! Thanks for the memories! :> )

  3. Thanks Peanut and thank you Patty for loading this up for me!!

  4. Oh Carol, I love them shiney brites and the feather tree, such a nice collection! ~~Pam

  5. yes, me too, it takes me back to the simpler times in my life. I was just reminiscing the other day about the old "dime stores" of the past, like Kresge, Woolworth and Woolco. I remember their old wooden floors that creaked, and their soda fountains.

  6. Jinxie....perfect retro collection - I have some of the boxes of old ornies too - still in good shape, and with the Woolworth stickers on them...
    Oh to be back in the times of simpler days...
    Thanks for sharing your decor with us!


  7. I just love all of your vintage decorations, Carol! It brings back lots of memories for me.....Our office use to be upstairs in the Woolworth Building--what a neat old store!

    Your little feather tree is awesome!!

  8. Now, if this doesn't make you feel like a kid again, NOTHING will!

    what a fun fun place to come for the holidays... and NO SNOW either - looks like heaven to me ♥

    Move over Mr. Jinx - I'm moving in with my buddy!


  9. Love the pink bottle brush tree! This peek into her house really shows an imaginative mind. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Carol, your home looks so pretty with all of the vintage decorations. I just love the large feather tree and that "Color TV" sign on the shelf is really great! ~ Deb

  11. What an outstanding collection...
    just like going back in time.
    Thanks for letting us come in and share.

    Have a Healthy & Happy New Year,

  12. I love all the fun vintage colors.


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