Sunday, September 7, 2008

Halloween at Cookies House

I hope I'll start a trend here and others will follow suit ♥

We've been talking in the group about how we decorate for the holidays and I thought I would be daring and take the first step in giving you a short tour of my humble abode.

Here are some of my favorite spots:

My living room (it's my own little treasure trove filled with everything I love!)

This postal sorting desk is chock full of so many sweet sweets ... I think it's my favorite piece in the house ♥

I used to have a punkin head princess on the steps, but alas, she went home with one of my bff's so I've found myself waiting for a sweet lil someone to fill the empty spot .... got any suggestions?

My kitchen is another place that makes me happy.

And just how many magnet things on one refrigerator constitute "too many" ?

My brand spankin' new Goldiloohoo Rooster Coffee sign couldn't be a better fit in my kitchen!

Do you like Melanie's new red dress?

How bout my topsy turvy from CBTH? If you look closely, you will see a sweet little Onion Patch mousie on a strawberry and of course a Beecharmer pantry cake that I'm captivated by!

My Thomas was made by 2-Heads Primitives from a Soft in the Head pattern. He was a gift from a fall swap many moon ago, and I still treasure him so!

And last up on the tour is the family room. We hoped your enjoyed your trip, and thank you for flying the friendly skies of Kansas City!

Happy Trails ♥



  1. WOw WaWow Wawow Wow Wow! You've got lots of Autumn goodies, and your house is beautiful and immaculate! I can sure tell you have no kids, or animals, and if I didn't know better, I would say you didn't even have a hub! That kitchen is spotless, and straight out of a magazine! Do you cook in it?
    I wanna come watch movies at your place!
    Just beautiful Cookie, and what a delight to get a peek inside your home, chock full of treasures is right! thank you :)

    Who's next?

  2. Well Happy Halloween! If I ever come to your house Im better bring a big ole bag cause I see a bunch off goodies I want to take home !;)hehehe...Everything looks so pretty, My fav is the postal desk.Oh yeah and a few wood signs were really awesome.;)
    I will post pictures soon...before Halloween. ;)

  3. sanks, girls!
    Goldiloohoohoo - If you came to my house, I'd give you the pick of anything you wanted - seriously ♥ (except my awesome signs and my Melanie!)

  4. I love your humble abode.I really love that primative doll.That kitchen is to die for.And your room filled with all your cherished things,Well thats just a grand room and I could just sit and sit surounded by all your things.Thanks for sharing them XOXO Marie Antionette

  5. So many lovelies! How fun it is to see each others homes! I'll share too, but first I need to pull out those Halloween goodies!

  6. What a beautiful house and a beautiful display of Halloween Collectibles. I see some things I'de love to snatch up! Thanks for sharing- Deb

  7. Uh NO PAM - I got dibs on the flat screen! :)
    Cookie...your house looks beautiful - so many wonderful prim goodies.
    Thanks for sharing your home with when is the TDIPT slumber party?


  8. How fun was that...a visit to Cookie's house!!

    Wonderfully decorated and neat as a pin!!!!

  9. If you girls want to pack up your fuzzy slippers and flannel jammies, we can have a slumber party and each of you can pick one thing to take home... except my looloo signs - and Melanie of course!

  10. Hey I wanna come trick or treat at Cook's house! ;)

    ~ Jamie

  11. Mee tooooo..... Too bad it is so far away....I would want that pumpkin man as my treat too.. Is that wrong? LOL
    Hugs, MO


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