Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where has the Summer gone?

It's hard to believe it's the middle of August already! Why is it that the Winter months drag on and on, but the days of vacations, graduations, warm weather activites and celebrations just fly by?!

These dogs sure know how to make the most of the
"Dog Days of Summer"!
(The one on the right is our "Grand-dog" Bear, and his cousin, Moe, is on the left.)


  1. oh Nancy, what cute Grand-doggies you have, and they sure know how to do the summer up right.
    Yes, and the summer sure has flown right by, we could only wish for the cold winter months here in the midwest to pass so quickly!

  2. Arent they cuties!!! That looks like a good place to be on a hot summers day!

  3. Ohhh they are so adorable ! I bet your a great Grand-dog-mother. ;) ~~Pam

  4. what I want to know is... who is towing who ?

    Wish summer would never end!

  5. Your doggies are so cute swimming.I just got a puppy from the pound a few days ago.My rott needed a companion.I saw a commerical with Sarah Mc. Singing (In the arms of an angel)while showing some very sad dogs and cats.Well I cried and then set off to the pound.We always buy rotts so buying a mixed was a new for us,But my little Belle,is a sweetie and very smart.she is 11 weeks old and they say a lab mix.I love her already. Hugs and doggie kisses Marie Antionette


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