Tuesday, August 26, 2008

♥ Something Different ♥

by Carol Roll

On Aug. 14-17th Dan and I spent a weekend in Atlanta/Tucker, GA for Slotin Folk Fest.

The fest is a huge art show featuring traditional artists along with folk artists, outsider artists and primitive antiques and antique folk art.

Outsider art can be really extreme and even bizarre to some people. I think there's a reason it's called Outsider art. The vanity tag on this car, one of a few decorated ones, said "Jesus Loves Freaks". I'm guessing this belonged to an outsider artist.

We were invited to this show by a gallery that was showing some of my work. I met some wonderful and talented people there, here is Michael Bayne from SC who makes historically inspired stoneware.

And here are my two favorite people I met there, Mitch Huett and the appropriately named Tom Lawless of Panorama in St. Louis, MO.

They are outsider/folk artists who sell antiques, gifts and whimseys. Dan and I have one of their paintings called Cow Hyde, its a picture of a cow hiding (not to well) behind a tree. The show was very successful and hopefully it would be something to add to your calenders as it is full of the most interesting people and art anywhere.


  1. Next time, I want to come with you!

    I love seeing all of the creations and unusual "outsider" art. How unique and lovely!

    thanks for sharing, buddy ♥

  2. Carol, I just love your work! All of your creations are so very lovely and unique, and I'm so surprised to see how big some of them are! I love that little girl sittin right in front!
    What fun the Slotin Festival must have been w/ such a variety of art, and the outsider as well!

    Thanks for sharing w/ us!

  3. Oh how neat ! I would love this. I have family in Atlanta so maybe I can sometime.~~Pam

  4. Carol, thanks for sharing, I can see why you enjoy taking part in this show! Love the things in your booth.

  5. Well this is a unique fest.I think the stoneware ,is just beautiful.That car is something else altogether. LOL.But Jesus does love freaks.Marie Antionette

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    You may have already been awarded this, but I wanted to personally award it to you.
    Thanks for blogging


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