Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Home Town...

I wanted to share a bit about my home ♥...
Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains, and ranks second in the world only to Rome, Italy! Summertime in this wonderful city is a sight to behold as you drive around the entire metropolis. We have over 200 fountains in varying size, detail and magnificence.

I'd love to share some of my favorites:
The most famous fountain in Kansas City is appropriately named J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain for the builder and architect of our wonderful Plaza. The figures were originally created by French sculptor Henri-Léon Gréber in 1910 for "Harbor Hill," the estate of Clarence Mackay in Roslyn, New York. The four allegorical equestrian figures reportedly represent four great rivers of the world — the Mississippi River, Volga River, Seine River, and Rhine River. The work is enlivened by sculptures of little children riding dolphins in the pool surrounding the main figures.

Although known as Pan Fountain, this sculpture is more likely to be the personification of the Greek god Bacchus holding court. The 10 thousand pound lead sculpture was purchased by the Nichols Company in 1960 and found this suitable home on the Plaza. Bacchus is surrounded by nymphs and satyrs in the center of Chandler Court near the Swanson's building on the Plaza.

Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon, is surrounded by cherubs and is positioned in front of a hotel overlooking the Plaza. The waterfall is 17' tall and 56' wide.

The Mermaids Fountain on the Plaza has 2 mermaids, each blowing into a shell that sends a single stream of water into the pool.

This one is the Volker Memorial Fountain, in memorial to William Volker an equestrian figure of St. Martin of Tours, who had done much to enrich the city. To add a touch of humor, the scupltor has an angel playing the flute from the wrong end and carved a wristwatch on another angel.

Henry Wollman Block Memorial Fountain, honors the co-founder of H&R Block, Inc. - the fountain is located outside of Union Station, which was restored to it's original glory from years past, when it was the railroad hub of the city.

The Muse of the Missouri personifies a goddess bestowing her interest and guidance on the Missouri River.

Also on the Plaza, this fountain depicts Neptune, god of the sea, with three mythological sea horses in movement.

Pomona Fountain depicts the Roman goddess and protector of gardens.

This is the largest and only memorial in the United States dedicated to those who served in WWI and its museum is the only one whose sole theme is that war.

The Firefighters Fountain commemorates the city's firefighters, and memorializes those who have given their lives in the line of duty.

I've given you a brief inside peek at some of the beauty, showing you a few of my favorite spots around town. I could go on and on but at the risk of boring you to death, let me close by showing you my ultimate hands-down favorite fountain in our great city -

Called the Childrens Fountain, it features six sculptures of local children at play. It is one of Kansas City's largest fountains and the dedication reads: "The bronze figures represent children everywhere to whom this fountain is dedicated and the activities that shape young lives making childhood a joy." The figures, from tallest to shortest represent: joy, meeting challenges, ballerina, soccer player, hand-stand boy, girl walking.


  1. Cookie, this is downright facinating! Who knew? I sure didn't. When I think of KC....I think of steak, or the Royals, but never knew about the fountains.
    I can only imagine how beautiful these fountains are in person. What a sight they must be to see, especially on a hot summer day.

    My top 3 favs are the Children, The Mermaids, and the Seahorses!

    thanks for sharing a bit about your town :)

  2. What a beautiful city! Thanks for the tour, Cookie.

  3. if anyone wants to come visit - I'll be happy to serve some BBQ and give the grand tour! ♥

  4. I have been to KS when I was a kid and remember some of the fountains but never knew there were that many. They are beautiful.Thanks for sharing. Another place I want to go visit now. :) ~~Pam

  5. What a great post Cook...now is your BBQ like it is here in the south or do you grill? The BBQ they have here is pulled pork, chicken or beef...Personally I prefer grillin'...Thanks for such an awesome look at your hometown! Pam

  6. Wow these are so beautiful! Cookie great photos!

  7. I'm coming to visit, Cookie! Such beautiful photos of your historic city.

    But, no David Cook shots?!

  8. Those are drop dead gorgeuos,So very breath taking.Thank you for sharing them with us.i also would like to pass on a Brillante award to you.If you feel that you don't have the time to deal with it or you already have this award,don't worry about it.Your blog deserves alot of awards because it truly is a wonderful site.Hugs Marie Antionette

  9. How very wonderful! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs!

  10. How very wonderful! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs!

  11. thanks ladies - and Marie, thank you for the blog award - this is a group site and we all contribute, making it the best of all worlds combined ♥

    I agree, it's a wonderful place to grab a beverage and spend worthwhile time reading. Jamie and Patty have combined forces to make everything so beautiful!


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