Saturday, July 19, 2008

In my neck of the woods........

Be my guest, Be my guest!!! I wont sing the rest of the song but, you know how it goes! Here is a little journey though my hometown. It is beautiful here in Oregon and I wanted to share some of my favorite spots with you.... I have to say in this trying economic time that I always try to support small business when I can. One of my favorite spots is a little resale fabric and craft shop The Knittn' Kitten. The owners here are so wonderful and they have a nice variety of vintage and new fabric and trims. "What a great concept" I exclaimed to myself (in my head) of course when I walked through the door and saw the owner patiently pressing every piece of fabric that makes its way to the inventory. And oooooh girl, the price is RIGHT!!!

So, antiques are your thing? Then we must head over to "Sellwood" Antique Row. Here you will find blocks and blocks of fabulous antique goods. I spent Mother's day with my mama this year down in Sellwood, we had a yummy lunch and a special afternoon together.

"Farmhouse Antiques"

There is also a wonderful book store in Sellwood!
It is a red caboose! The Looking Glass... Yep, you heard me right, a Red Caboose!! What a neat independent book store! It has a sweet little courtyard out back as well, just go through the double doors and have a seat at the little bistro tables and enjoy a good story.

What is that you say? You are a go getter? A mover and a shaker??? A fly by the seat of your pants, gal??? How about a little ski trip? About 90 minutes away from my house and we will be on majestic Mt Hood! (I think I will stay in the lodge for this excursion! LOL) Did you know that the "Timberline Lodge" exterior was used in the movie "The Shining"? Maybe I will hit the slopes with you after all...
"Timberline Lodge"

Geez!! I almost forgot, on our way up to the mountain we should stop at
Multnomah Falls and have lunch! The lodge is warm and inviting and the falls are the second largest "year round" waterfall in the nation~

Multnomah Falls and The Lodge

Oh MY Goodness!!! You better stay the whole weekend!! We will never have enough time to get to the beach! About an hour and a half away (the opposite way of the mountain) is Cannon Beach, my MOST favorite place to go. My hubs and I just keep going back, I don't know if it is the quaint downtown area or the beautiful and dog friendly "Ocean Lodge." Or maybe just maybe it is Haystack rock. Whatever it might be, well, you and I can't miss it!!!!
"The Ocean Lodge"

Phew, I don't know about you but, I am worn out!!! What do you say we hit my deck for a beautiful sunset and a glass of iced tea OR, I can make a mean martini!!?? Your choice, after all you're my guest!!!

Thank you for taking this little virtual tour with me and "Ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!" LOL!!! Hugs, MO


  1. Wow girl what a fun filled weekend! Make mine a vodka martini please! So beautiful!

  2. Oh Mo! What a wonderful post! I love your neck of the woods but I wanna come for a real visit. Way down south where I'm from I can count the number of times I've seen snow on one hand. And ya know something else? I've NEVER made a snowman! Sad, right? Anyway, I'd like to schedule my visit so that I can enjoy the snow and as for Timberline Lodge, I've got two words for ya - Red Rum ;)

  3. Mo, your neck of the woods is just beautiful! I don't think even a week is enough time to take in all that beauty, can we stay a bit longer?
    I'm not much of a snow bunny, but I do love the beach, and Cannon Beach looks awesome, as does the view from your own deck!
    Thanks for the tour, it was most splendid, and I'll be comin back for sure!

  4. Red Rum Red Rum !Ok one of these days Im going to come visit and stay at the Timberline Lodge!Oh wow its beautiful ! And the beach too ? Wow you got the best of both worlds girl.

  5. Any time girls..... Oh what fun we could have.... hehehehe Hugs, MO

    "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy".... LOL

  6. MO baby... I'm packing up the bag and heading your way!

    What drop dead gorgeous scenery - now to experience it on a motorcycle :)

  7. WOW!What a beautiful part of the country you live in,MO!I wanna come visit too!Breathtaking pics!

  8. Ya know I grew up in that area of Oregon...In fact my mom and brother still live there. My very first job was at the snack bar at Multnomah Falls. I learned to ski on Mt. Hood when I was 12 and climbed it for the first time when I was 15. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to dream of days gone by! Pam

  9. I found your blog from Primitive Peddlers. I just love seeing all those pics, and reading everything about them. What great places you visited. I am gonna put your blog in my favorites. Thank you sharing your pics. Have a great day.


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