Thursday, February 28, 2013

March 1st Updates!

Its that time again for new work on The Merc!
Stop by and see all the wonderful, primitive,folksy and prim goods for sale.

 Like this folksy whimsical  piece called Carrot Patch by Karen (Cookie) DeGreve of Curds-N-Whey. I love the carrots such a great detail. Cookie's work is full of personality.

or this super primitive holestein with so much movement from Karen (Peanut) Pender of Countryfolk Keepsakes.
Peanut's cows are the best!

Or maybe this folk art wall angel by Carol (Jinxie) Roll of Nostalgic Folk Art

The gals will be loading their pictures up this evening so hurry on over for first looks! And don't forget to come back on the 15th for our updates then!

Finally a Huge Thanks to everyone who participated and our treasured customers who purchased items last month for special charity event. Patty will be getting the final tally in and we will let ya'll know how much was raised and where it is going.
Thank you Thank you Thank you, we can't Thank you enough!

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