Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not All In A Day's Work

Well with the election over and whether you are exhailing or holding your breath, life goes on.  A well rounded life is filled with the tasks we must do,  for example working outside or inside a home, but also doing things, having hobbies to enrich our lives and others. 

Pam Ludwig of GoldiLoo Woodworks loves photography and you can see the joy she takes in it.
Here are some examples of her work

Look at her lil angel, Biscuit so precious!

her neighbor,

and a beautiful landscape photo

Pammie really takes great photos so sharp and clear! And it looks like any subject matter is within her talent. What mom or dad wouldnt love a lovely picture of their child, furbaby or not and a lovely landscape photo would enhance any room to just escape there for a moment.
Rachel Kinnison of Diamond K Folk Art has found lots of arrowheads on her property and as she's out with her family walking they came across this,
 "There is a picture of some of the arrowheads I have found this year, and one of the petroglyph up above our house. He has been carved in sandstone, and the weather is washing him away slowly~ the dark spot is his EYE, its dark because there is a lichen growing in it~ he is in profile looking to the left~ there are feathers in his headdress and he is shown to the waist, with hands clasped in front wearing what looks like some kind of shawl or blanket around his shoulders~ pretty cool huh! We have lived here on this property for 12 years now, walked by him all the time and didnt notice him until last year. Now the children make a point to go up and say hello to him when they are out & about.
This is super cool!!!!! look closely

Also on Halloween night check out her moon

Walking, spending time with your family and making wonderful memories that bring smiles and a joyful heart for years and years. 

lastly but not least, Patty Kelly Trevino from Dogpatch Primitives, works dilligently for animal rights. a whole blog or two could be written about what she does for these forgotten and mistreated animals. But here's a good story of the very lucky Roo.

 "Roo". I gave him that name b/c of the way he jumps like he has springs in his feet. He is only about a year old, and was in that horrible pound, and I knew he was friendly, so we rescued him and he was neutered yesterday, is on meds for ear infection and skin infection, and he is going to feel better soon, and he is such a sweet natured puppy that I KNOW he will get a great home and family to love him. The Vet and all the staff just love him"

You can see from the cage to the getaway to a life worth living.
Giving to others especially those who have no voice is truly uplifting and for those of us to know there are people who are brave and strong to do this gives us hope and joy.

So whether you do things that are joyful to your heart so you can spread that joy, be it gardening, doing charity work, finding something wonderful at yard sales, heck even shopping retail for your hobbies, there are so many things to do to make the world around you and for others a more cheerful place. All things matter great or small.  With that in mind please remember those in the North/East who are still without basics, please send your prayers, positive thoughts and if you can assistance to your local and/or national organizations providing help.

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The best to you always!


  1. It's fun to see what everyone's up to!!

  2. how wonderful... love seeing the various walks of life and what steals our heart and holds our interest!

  3. Beautiful pics!!! How awesome that you found all those arrow heads and the Indian drawing is cool!
    That Roo is adorable too ~ have fun!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Thanks Carol. Wow what interseting find Rachel has on her property, so very cool. Just love Roo and fingers crossed for him. What a handsome boy he is.~Pam~GoldieLoo Woodworks


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