Friday, January 7, 2011

TDIPT presents.......

Inspired by country singer Miranda Lambert's hit song,
"The House That Built Me"
we thought it would be fun to share with you some of the homes of the TDIPT artists they feel most helped to build them.....whether it be their childhood homesteads, or the place they now call home, or perhaps one in the same.
Our first home is from Karin of Countryfolk Keepsakes.

Karin says...
"I am truly grateful that I am able to continue to walk through the doors of my childhood home. Although my daddy is no longer with us, my mama is still there. Esthetically, it has changed over the years but my fond childhood memories are the same.
Mama is the artistic one and I am so grateful to have her " creative gene." She taught me to appreciate old things, paint the walls any color I like and to swing a hammer. (Even if it's at 2 o'clock in the morning because of an idea to create something)
She also taught me when picking out a dollie, to pick the one with the face that "speaks" to you. Not all dollies do.
Daddy fixed my broken toys, taught me to ride my bicycle without training wheels, taught me to plant a garden and to feed the birds. He also taught me to drive a car, change the oil and he always made sure any date I had came to the door first to meet him. Both taught me to keep a sense of humor about life and the importance of eating dinner together (everyday) as a family.
In that little red house not only did I take my first steps, I lovingly kissed my daddy goodbye for the last time.
A lot of love has flowed through that home. I can only hope someday, when another family lives within those walls, they will experience the same love of family I was blessed to have. :> )"
Karin Pender
Countryfolk Keepsakes

Thanks Karin for sharing The House That Built You !

Be sure to check back often to see more.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I cannot wait to read more.


  2. What a cute little house, and an even more touching story to tell of it. It's no surprise that so much love lived within those walls of the house that built you Peanut!

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Peanut I love your old home place and really enjoyed reading a bit about it.Thanks ~~Pam

  4. Peanut you are a born writer. I choked a little at reading all the things your Daddy taught you as mine was the same. A home with love is really all you need. Thank you for a wonderful touching story.

  5. A very good idea, indeed!

    What a nice family story! So inspiring, love how your family thinks & they way you were raised!
    thanks for sharing


    What sweet memories about your home and family ! Thanks for sharing !


  7. I sure did enjoy reading your story Karin!!! I LOVE the house you grew up in the red is so pretty. You have a lot of wonderful childhood memories so be very thankful for that. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!


  8. Karen your parents did such a great job of raising thier lil peanut! Loved reading about your homelife!

  9. Goob, I bet I've read this a dozen times and thought I commented on it from work the first time I saw it!
    W've have talked much about our daddys love and the memories we cling to in our hearts.
    I loved reading this - through your words, I remember how deep my own love runs too.
    Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us ... I love you much ♥

  10. Just wonderful, I love reading this Peanut. Thanks! Lynn

  11. What a beautiful story. I'm glad you had so much love as a child. You are so deserving,..and how wonderful it must be to still have this home in your family. Pure sweetness. xo


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