Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The House That Built Me 2

Our second home in our series of
"The House that Built Me"comes from
Phillane (Pea) Saathoff of Whimsical Endeavors.
Pea says....
"The house that built me. A little white house with brick bottom and black shutters. Big corner lot, perfect lawn and huge vegetable garden that provided many a yummy feast.

A hour from our favorite fishing hole and enough huge night crawlers in the yard to catch the big ones.

The home was safe and warm. Always yummy smells coming from inside. My first memories are in that house. Riding my new tricycle in the unfinished basement, learning to sew, cook and paint in that home. My first date with my Dear Husband was at that house. My last day at home was the day before my wedding. I learned everything I needed to know to go out into the world at this house. From chasing my dreams, your word is your honor and how to love someone with all your heart. Along with everything in between. The house that built me is still standing. Teaching someone else all they need to know. I hope it is done with the same sweetness as it was done for me. I wonder what color my pink room is now?mmmmmmmmmmmm"


Thank you Pea for sharing the house that built you!


  1. Wonderful story Pea! I bet your bedroom will someday be pink again. ♥

  2. Thank you Peanut. It just might. they have 6 kids.

  3. Love reading about your home and hearing about all of lifes lessons you've learned along the way. Thank you sweet Pea ... for sharing a part of yourself with us!

  4. Awww Pa, I think you should paint your current bed room pink. ;) Love your story,thanks for sharing such fond memories with us.Hugs~~Pam

  5. Pea, thanks for sharing your heartfelt story!

  6. Ahhh...your first date with your hubs and the last day you stayed here made me choke up. You girls are so special. xox

  7. I have always loved Primitives! This is one of the best blogs to read about and see what is new and wonderful. Thank you!!!!
    Sandi Miller Pitts


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