Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're havin a LAUNCH!!

Our TDIPT Ebay group is just about ready to begin the parade of
~*~ Best in Show ~*~
offerings for you on ebay.
The fun starts tomorrow and will continue all through the week w/ members listing their wonderful top quality handmade creations for your consideration!
Some will start tomorrow, and others will trickle in throughout the week, so be sure to do a TDIPT search each day this week.
We've decide together that rather than settle on one theme in particular, we would each like to create on a more individual level, w/ no one theme, but rather to make our favorite theme w/ the common thread being they are all Blue Ribbon worthy. Hmmm, isn't that what the TDIPT gals do already?
Anyway.....we hope you'll keep your eyes peeled, as we promise not to disappoint!
Click HERE to see all the works being offered by the members of TDIPT :)

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