Monday, January 11, 2010

TDIPT Presents.....

Karen Degreve (AKA "Cookie")
Curds and Whey

We asked Cookie:

Where do you live?
Smack dab right in the heart of our great country - Kansas City, MO.

Can you tell us a little about your family?
My wonderful husband of almost 30 years and I have two loveable cats who rule our roost.

Do you work outside the home?
I work in sales for an amazing company that specializes in insurance coverage for the trucking industry. We do many community relations events and last spring, participated as a group in the "Susan B. Koman Race for the Cure".

Do you have an hobbies/what do you like to do when you're not creating?
We spend most free hours touring the country by motorcycle. I love to play tennis and try to get as many hours each week as possible. Working out nearly every day also keeps my mind clear and heart healthy.
What are some of your favorite things?
I love spending time with children. I was never able to have my own but I'm a god-mother to several and "Grammy" to more than a few - They always have a smile and a joy in their heart for the simple things in life that I find contagious!

Do you collect anything in particular?
I love antique compostion dolls, old candy molds, antique kettles, coffee grinders and kitchen scales, along with anything else that speaks to my heart.

How did you get your start in your creative business? When?
My mother taught me to sew at a very early age ... I've been creating ever since!

Tell us how you got your business name?
It was really just a thought that struck one Sunday morning when I should have been paying more attention in church. But the name seemed light-hearted and fun - and just felt like it suited me.

Is it in the genes......does anyone in your family, now or generations before create?
My father was a master at stirring up goodness in the kitchen and my mother was always making something treasured from trinkets. I learned by example from two loving parents.

How do you keep ideas coming?
Digging into old books and magazines, discussing my ideas with friends and sometimes, I just wake up with a thought or idea in my head and run with it.

Who/what inspires you?
Sometimes the simplest of things bring inspiration - the design of a little girl's Sunday School dress or the antics of cats playing. Inspiration is all around us, if we slow down long enough to watch as it passes by.

Do you have a studio or do you work in different parts of your home?
I have claimed the sub-basement of our home as my workspace - it's a perfect dungeon to get creative (and sometimes messy) in!

How do you organize your supplies
I'd love to say that everything has a place, but truthfully... it's a beautiful mess that I sort through. Materials are separated by season - I have boxes of rusty and wooden pieces sorted out. Several containers of paints, stains and finishes are accompanied by spinning container for paint brushes. One friend jokingly tells me that if it's something she needs, chances are it's in my dungeon.

Do you like to listen to music while you work, if so what ?
I'm a classic rock kind of girl although Jason Mraz is my latest flavor of the month.

Do you have a favorite piece of art that you've created?
I have a few dolls that have really spoken to my heart. I find myself revisiting their photo albums at times, to remininse. One piece I call "Smitten" really tugged at my heartstrings. Looking back, she is one of those pieces that I wish I would have kept for myself.

What have you learned about marketing
I still have much to learn, but I listen well to others with experience. Don't be afraid to take a risk - one day, it could pay off with big rewards!

What keeps you motivated ?
Sincere compliments, repeat customers that love my work, and the joy of creating from the heart.

Do you sell you work in any shops, or will you be in any upcoming shows?
My things are offered though online marketplaces and are featured on my blog. Of course, my friends always manage to see what I'm creating as well!

Do you have any tips you would like to share?
Whether you are just starting out, or a huge success in the field, follow your heart.
Just be original and let yourself shine!

Tell us something about yourself that may surprise us?
We have traveled to Africa twice, the second time staying for a month to build a church for the Malian believers living in the bush of Pelegana. It was one of the most magnificent and rewarding times of my life.
The only other earth-shattering tidbit of news about me is that I LOVE instant milk! *giggle*

Thank you Cookie, it's been fun seeing you in the TDIPT Spotlight!


  1. Cookie, you're such a funny, sweet, caring person. It's no wonder we all love you.

    It was great to see the pictures and "read all about you".


  2. Cookie, that is my Fave pic of you & Darrell! Such a cute Couple, you are! You are always so upbeat & such an inspiration & true friend to everyone you meet. And you went to Africa twice? are just a little stick of Dy-No-Mite! Thanks for sharing w/ us! Hugs, Starla :)

  3. Cookie your so adorable and so are your wonderful creations. I am very blessed to have some of them and now my mom is in The Curds N Whey club!!! Your such an amazing person! Hope you manage to get Darrell on a bike and head down south!

  4. Our sweet, sweet Cookie! I enjoyed reading about you and thrilled to have you as our featured artist! Congrats & hugs~~Pam

  5. Love reading about our Sugar Cookie!
    So glad to be one of your sisters :)

  6. Thanks for sharing Cookie, it was a beautiful spotlight! Africa, how wonderful and rewarding.
    Hugs, Lynn

  7. I enjoyed reading about *the featured artist * in the spotlight ! You are just amazing, Cookie ! Full of energy and creativity all around !


  8. Love You sweet Cookie!! Such a great interview...Love the Follow your Heart advice!! That dollie is sooo sweet. Hope her new Mama treats her like a little queen. :0)


  9. Hey, we don't call you "Sugar Cookie" for nothing!

    I can just feel your beautiful personality through the screen.

    What a lovely interview Cookie!
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Hugs, Audrey

  10. Goob, this was a wonderful interview and I am truly blessed to have you as a friend. ♥

    When you head down to visit Carol, swing by here for a quick cup of DD and some cookies.
    P.S. Instant milk??!!! Yuck-a-doo. :> )


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