Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TDIPT Presents......

Jen Blomquist (aka Ellie-Mae Clampett)

Prairie House Primitives

We asked Jen:

Where do you live?

I live about 30 miles east of Colorado Springs in a rural area, also known as The Prairie

Can you tell us a little about your family?

I have been married almost thirteen years to my husband Jason. We have one animal loving daughter named ,Riley, who is eleven.

Sweet Riley and one of her pet goats

Do you work outside the home?

Nope, i have a full time job right here on the homestead!

Can you give us an idea of what a typical day at the Prairiehouse Primitives is like?
I get up early to do chores! First i feed the horses and then let them out into the pasture for the day. Next comes feeding time for our thirteen goats...after that I fill all my wild bird feeders then head inside to feed the dogs and cats and for some coffee and computer time! Around 8 am I head back out and clean the horses stalls then I am back in by 9 to get Riley going on her homeschooling. We are usually done by lunchtime and then its back outside to either paint orders, work with animals, do yardwork, or run errands! Evening chores start at about 4 o clock. Horses come in and get fed, as do the goats, chickens, dogs and cats! Phew! Then its dinner time for us humans and little relaxation!

The Blomquist's mini horse "Pip"

Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do when you're not creating?
I have always loved horses and love the time I have to play with them. I have been studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship for about ten years now. Its all about communication with horses in a language that comes natural to them. ALot of people refer to it as "horse whispering". It has made a tremendous difference in my life and my relationship with my horses.I also enjoy hiking with the dogs and hanging out with the goat herd!

Clansie and Daisy

What are some of your favorite things?
I love Fairs! Any kind of fair-county fairs, state fairs or craft fairs! I also love drives in the mountains, and doing any activity with animals. I have recently developed an interest in goat showing! My daughter and I just started raising and showing Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats!

Other than animals, do you collect anything in particular?

I have collected a whole bunch of animals that's for sure but i also love antiques, particularly anything with a "farmhousy" feel! I love old crocks, tinware, signs and especially old Canada Goose decoys!

How did you get your start in your creative business? When?

We started building primitives about 6 years ago. I kept pointing to things in magazines that I liked and my husband kept saying he could build them! I figured since he could build them I could learn to paint them with a old distressed look. At first we just created things for our home but then I fell in love with a fancy horse in Oregon that I wanted to buy so we decided to try our hand at selling! Turned out I was able to buy the horse and our business venture took off!

Tell us how you got your business name?

Its pretty simple really, we live in a little house on the prairie!!!

Is it in the genes......does anyone in your family, now or generations before create?

My mother is very creative and is a decorator by trade!

How do you keep ideas coming?

I research alot in books about early American life and when time allows I love to browse around in antique stores!

Who/what inspires you?

I am inspired by all sorts of things, I love to look through magazines and see other peoples ideas on decorating and some of the old treasures they have found.

Do you have a studio/workshop or do you work in different parts of your home?

I do not have a studio YET! My workspace is in the back of our barn!!! When I am done with an item I bring it inside so I can take pictures with all the goodies I have collected over the years. I have learned that presentation is everything

Jen's workshop

Do you like to listen to music while you work, if so what ?
Sometimes. I like old country music. I am a real bumpkin at heart!

Do you have a favorite piece of work that you've created?
I have a china cupboard that Jason built for me for Christmas six years ago.

What have you learned about marketing?
Stick with what you do best!!!

What keeps you motivated?
I have alot of hungry animals!!! Sometimes I get real creative urges and my brain is overflowing with ideas. Other times, not so much!!! I have learned not to push myself through those times because it turns a fun hobby into a burden

Do you sell you work in any shops, or will you be in any upcoming shows?

Last year we did several craft fairs and it wore me out!!! I think we will take a break and enjoy the holidays this year!

Do you have any tips you would like to share?
I love to work with old reclaimed wood but when we have to use the newer wood I distress it by banging on it here and there with a hammer, using a chain to put dents in the wood and adding nail holes where I think they would look good! Paint in layers if you love that old early look!!!

Tell us something about yourself that may surprise us?
I have worked all over the country for various horse trainers...I even spent some time in Canada working for the bronze medalist for the Canadian Equestrian Team. I have shown hunter/jumpers, ridden steeplechase, flat track horses, and competed in three day eventing. At one point in time my dream was to ride on the US Olympic team!

Some of Jen's work
It's been fun seeing you in the TDIPT Spotlight Jen!


  1. Very good interview Jen!
    It is always nice to read about some things we didn't know about one another.
    You sure are a busy lady!
    I certainly admire you for all that you do.

    Hugs my friend,

  2. Jen, I am envious of your horse time. My much older sister raised Morgan horses when I was a teenager. She lived close and it was a dream life for me. I plan to look up your horse whispering and read a bit about it.
    I want to come and hug your doggies. They look just so cozy and happy. It is amazing that dogs are so loving.
    Your Riley is lucky to have such a life and a Mom so full of talents~!

  3. "Ellie Mae",thanks so much for takin' us into your neck of the woods!!!
    This is a wonderful interview!! :> )

  4. Jen, what a wonderful life! Riley is the sweetest! Your work is beautiful and really shows your love and respect of your surroundings. Great spotlight!

  5. Hey it's my buddy Jenners! So neat to see these pictures and read about you . I can see there is always work to do on the Prairie. Im so in love with them Labs. ~~Pam

  6. Jen, it's wonderful reading more about your life on the prairie. You've done some really interesting things, and I bet you could have made that Olympic team.

    Riley is really a beautiful girl and I can see she's definitely taking after her Mom in her love of animals.

    Thanks for letting us read all about "life on the prairie".


  7. Wow Jen! I am worn out just reading about your daily life! You are one very Busy & Talented Lady! I LOVE seeing the pics of your place & your home. You have such gorgeous pieces! Wow! Of course it is always a treat to see Miss Riley's smiling face! Great Spotlight. Thanks for sharing your Little House on the Prairie w/ all of us. Hugs, Starla :)

  8. Nothing made me happier than scrolling down the page to be greeted by our very own happy go lucky Riley - with the million dollar smile! I love that sweet missy and her sunny disposition.
    Loved taking a stroll around the place and hearing about a day in the life out on the Colorado flatlands! ♥

    Jen, you are an inspiration and a joy to us all.

  9. Jenners, I so enjoyed hearing more about your daily life and your business, just a wonderful interview! You are indeed our little prairie girl!


  10. Oh thanks girls! It was a real honor to be in the spotlight!

  11. What a great article,and such lovely pics!It's so nice reading about everyone! I love your home,Jen!

  12. Wow , Jen, a petting zoo in your own backyard !

    I can hardly keep up with taking care of a dh and a dog ! It has to take a lot of loving hours to care for your pets !

    And you still have time to make wonderful creations ! Whew !

    Riley is a cutie pie and the little goat is adorable as is the little horse !

    Thanks for giving us a little peek into life on the prairie !


  13. Great to learn more about your life, Jen. I especially enjoyed you photos, and the china cabinet is just amazing! We're so lucky to have you in our group!

  14. Wow Jen...Really great to get to know more about you.
    Riley is precious. I am sure she makes you proud.
    Your critters are all so very lucky to have a caring family like yours.
    Thanks for sharing...


  15. Jen!

    You are one busy lady my friend!! Your Daughter and all your Fur Babies are just adorable!!!

    I feel so blessed to own a piece of Art made with your hands! I treasure it and even though it is a birdhouse, I won't put it outside to weather!! It is so precious to me!

    LOVE that Red China Hutch!! I have a similar one in black, but it wasn't handmade by you! :0)

    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. LOVE that barn/workshop of yours!


  16. Great interview with one of my favorite people! :)
    I have quite a few pieces of Jen's, and cherish each one of them - her work is outstanding, so if you don't have one of her pieces, I would HIGHLY recommend getting one!



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