Sunday, September 6, 2009

TDIPT Funniest Pet Contest!

The TDIPT sisters are crazy about their pets!!!! No doubt about it just look at the funny and precious pictures submitted to the TDIPT Funniest Pet Contest.
This is just a fun little contest amongst the TDIPT gals with you our wonderful friends, visitors and customers, helping to decide which gal has the funniest pet photo. The lucky entry/ winner will receive a handmade sign from Pam Ludwig of GoldieLoo Woodworks. Have you seen her signs???? They are amazing !!
All these photos show how funny and expressive our pets can be. Some show a guilty face, impishness, impatience, and out and out joy.
The animals shown are the furbabies of and in no particular order: Teresa Thompson of Hot Metal Mama, Annie Hermanson of Chickadee Primitives, Joyce Tenay of RagPatch Primitives, Susan Woodworth of Susie Designs, Suzanne Davis of Pear Tree Primitives, Jennifer Blomquist of The Prairie House Primitives , Karin Pender of Country Folks Keepsakes, Karen Brady of Brady Bears Studio Pam Ludwig of GoldieLoo Woodworks and Starla Myers of Briar Rabbit Primitives. Bet you can’t pick which picture goes with which gal. At the end of the contest I’ll put their names with the pictures of their lil angel(s).
One vote per person please so vote your favorite, the one that makes you giggle, chuckle, and or smile. Good luck choosing just one of these funny faces. The voting poll is on the right sidebar.
Contest ends Sept 30th and winner will be ” announced” after 5pm when voting ends.

So in random order here they are:

Is the coast clear?

Biscuit and Lucy

Little Beggar

Roscoe reading the paper.

"Bah Humbug I hope the other dogs don't see this"

Mongo sneaking a smoke

Gracie rides a bike

Darling Darla

Dancing Mabel

Candy Korn Kitty


  1. There are so many cute, adorable faces its hard to choose just one! ...Now I can't get this song out of my mind.;)

  2. gotta say I really love Mabel. she is dancing het cloven hooves into my heart but that Roscoe is dogging a close second!

  3. I just love them all. This is a hard one.

  4. oh they are just adorable..but my favorite is the little begger..

  5. Absolutely the cutest pictures. I love taking funny photos of my furry animals too. Its impossible to look at animal photos like this and not smile.

  6. Little Beggar grabbed my heart instantly!!! Kudos to all the TDIPT gals for sharing their precious pets with all of us. ~.~

  7. This is too much, I can't stop laughing! Thanks girls for sharing your babies!

  8. What furbabie bundles of Love...they are all so precious. Thanks for sharing gals...

  9. OMG the goat in the tutu and bonnet is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny..
    ALL of them are so precious....thanks y'all for posting those


  10. Only one winner?? Impossible!! They are all way too cute!!!

  11. giggle They are so precious and funny. It really is a hard choice!


  12. These are just SO SO adorable!!! I can't decide!They're all so cute!

  13. What a hoot. I am going to have all my friends come and vote!

  14. What a bunch of sweetie pies!!!



  15. The Most Adorable Pet Around!! This made me smile today. It was so hard to decide on my vote, but I did cast it. :0)

    Looking forward to seeing who the winner is...they all are in my book.


  16. uhoh!! They all are soooo cute!:o)

  17. They are all so cute! I like the first one, is the coast clear!

  18. All of them are ADORABLE!! Love them all and the Candy Corn Kitty...looks like a Halloween decoration sitting SWEET.


  19. Nice collection of great and funny pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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