Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congrats to our Funniest Pets!!!!

Well the votes were flown over, thanks Tuck, tallied up by our judge, mediator and security and all were in agreement the voting was done in a timely manner without any shenanigans and who would argue with Lucy.

Oh no the tension was too much the wait too long, Schmikens fainted!

Chelle go get a cold rag and tend to Schmikens!

The winner of the the first and maybe last TDIPT Funniest Pet Contest is Is The Coast Clear?
Congradulations!!!! Yahoo!!!! Wow it is a great win as there was such tough competition!!! All the pets were adorable, precious, funny and as you can guess well loved by their owners. Speaking of owners the lucky winning owner Annie/Chickadee Primitives will receive a sign from GoldiLoo Woodworks, maker of the very best signs EVER! Not only is Pam Ludwig a great folk artist she is also a champion of animals, rescuing/fostering many who need that extra loving care. So THANK YOU Pam for donating your work and for all your help!

Thanks TDIPT gals who sent in your funny pics! And in case you were a tad curious as to which pet belong to which TDIPT gal, here are the match ups,
In no particular order,
Annie Hernandez of Chickadee Primitives, Coast Is Clear (THE FUNNIEST!)
Teresa Thompson of Hot Metal Mama, Gracie Goes For A Ride
Pam Ludwig of GoldiLoo Woodworks, Lucy & Buiscuit
Karen Brady of Brady Bears, Cat In Halloween Costume
Starla Meyer of Briar Rabbit Primitives, Don’t Tell The Others
Karen (Peanut)Pender of Countryfolks Keepsakes, Darla
Jen Blomquist of The Prairie House Primitives, The Dancing Goat
Susan Davis of Pear Tree Primitives, Rosco Reading The Paper
Susan Woodworth of Susie Designs Mongo Sneaks A Smoke
Joyce (Miss Kitty)Tenay of Ragpatch Primitives, Little Beggar
Oh and Tuck belongs to our Karen (Cookie)and Schmikens to our Chelle.
Thank ya’ll for being such good sports and having a lil fun!


  1. Woo-hoo!! Congrats Aboo!! This was such fun!
    I big "Thank You" goes to our own Carol of Nostalgic Folk Art for bein' our MC! Thanks for doin' this for us darlin'. :> )
    P.S. Give Henry a smooch for me.

  2. Congrats Annie! Thats a very funny pic.
    Ahhh, Thanks Carol for all the super duper kind words & doing this contest for us. Im loving all these new pictures, all are too cute.
    ♥ Lucy loves Henry, TLA.♥

  3. Your welcome ladies it was fun and of course Pam was my partner in crime! Peanut, any excuse to love on Henry and any excuse to show him off in a photo. Lucy anytime sweets giggle

  4. big congrats to Aboo... every single picture was a winner!

  5. Congrats to Annie, and in my book, they're all winners!

    Thanks to Carol for such a fun idea, and thanks to Pam, for donating the prize!

  6. Congrats Annie! And thanks to Pam for donating a prize.
    Carol, thanks for putting it all together for us, it was a lot of fun!

  7. Congrats Annie! Thanks to Carol & Handsome Henry for coming up with our FUN Pet Contest & putting it on! Thanks to Pammy Loo Hoo for her Awesome Prize Donation! You are sooo right Patty...only winners! Great Pet Pics everyone. Hugs, Starla :)

  8. Congratulations, Annie!

    This was such a fun contest and I loved all of the pics, such sweet faces. To me they're all winners.



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