Monday, August 24, 2009


My friend sent me these amazing photos done by an artist who takes hours to paint his own hands, then photographs them for posterity.What a unique medium! Regrettiblely I don't know who he is but hope you enjoy checking them out.

No he didn't do this picture NO ONE could duplicate the beauty that is Henry!!!!


  1. That is SIMPLY AMAZING! It looks like it takes hours and hours of painting and to hold your hand that long....well, I could not do that.

    Too bad you do not know who the talented person behind the amazing works of art is.

    Henry is ADORABLE and he looks like, he is a bit leary about his picture being taken :)


  2. Haaa Tonya he is! I have tons of blurred photos of him. Definitely camera shy.
    I know and understand it takes hours to do that. Very cool.

  3. Carol, these pictures you shared are amazing! I can't get over the detail he put into this painting, it's simply astounding.

    Henry is absolutely precious and I bet he's thinking "You can't improve on Mother Nature"!

    I really enjoyed these pictures.

  4. Henry is the best work of art ever.~~Pam

  5. Those are amazing!!!! Of course nothing like Henry, so cute......... puddin pie face!!!!!
    Margaret B

  6. Wow those hand paintings are gorgeous & so detailed!!! & to think it will all be washed down the drain. Great post. Susan

  7. truly truly truly beyond amazing, and that goes for sweet Henry as well ;)

  8. Absolutely amazing work! Henry is just the cutest little dog!

  9. I'd love to know what is running through Henry's mind just as you took that pic!
    lil cheeky monkey ♥

  10. Wow...they look so real...fantastic.
    And of course Henry's expression is so, so questionable? Love it and him!

  11. OMG! What Fabulous Talent this artist has! So very life like with all the details...just Wow! But my FAVE work of art is Handsome Henry. :) Hugs, Starla

  12. Carol, we saw these at work about a year ago. What a wonder they are to see. I have some saved now on my computer for changes in screen savers. Thanks for showing these again.

  13. Of course my favorite in the last one! ;> )
    But I LOVE the eagle and the elephant. Very cool!


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