Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas in July Part TWO!

Yep, tonight's the night....TDIPT Mercantile will update w/ the artists from the 15th offering their best in Holiday spirit!
The artists offer such a nice variety, and there really is something for everyone!
Here's just a small sampling of the wondrous Christmas Creations you'll find when you visit us tonight when the TDIPT curtain goes up between 9 and 10 PM EDT !

A Gorgous Christmas Goose from Audrey of Bay Ray's Child!

A Delightful Snowfolk Trinket Box from Susan of Prim and Proper Folks!

A lovely hand painted Paper Mache Santa Wall Hanger from Cookie of Curds and Whey!
There's lots more to see, so
Set your clocks.....and be there or be square....hehe, haven't heard that one in a while!


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