Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some of GoldieLoo's favorite things.

I have so many, including my 3 dogs but I thought I would spare everyone yet another picture of them. :) So here are a few of my other favorite things.
Here is a old Plymouth mantle clock that my brother surprised me with one year for Christmas. We think it dates back to the late 1800's . In the far bottom corner are 3 little dancing frogs ....and it still works.

Many of you have seen this one before. Its my pie safe. My dear hubby built this for me several years ago for Christmas. The tins were all hand punched by him.
This is my old Hoosier style cabinet, another Christmas present from the my wonderful hubby.

This little jewel may not look like much but it means bunches to me. It is a old match stick holder, it dates back to the 30's. My dad bought this as a wedding gift for his sister back when he was just a little boy. To think of how hard dad had to work and to save his money to buy this for his sister. My Aunt recently passed it down to me.

Lastly is my old school desk. This desk used to be in the old one room school house where both my parents and lots of my Aunts & Uncles went to school. In 1942 the school started having Sunday service in the building, this where all my family attended Church and where I attended Church most of my life. Around 38 years ago the Church gave away all the old school desk. One of my cousins took several of them and had them stored in her barn.

About 14 years ago she seen my appreciation for Antiques and gave me this desk. What makes it even more special is the carvings on the back. Back then boys carried pocket knives, we are pretty certain some of the carvings were made by my dads best friend and more resent carvings made by my brother & cousin

Be sure to check back to see other TDIPT gal's favorite things. :)
~~Pam, GoldieLoo Woodworks


  1. Pammie, I love all your fav things, especially b/c of their sentinental value, which is priceless!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Pam great goodies!! Love the little match holder its so sweet and the background makes it even better.
    Hey I wouldnt mind any pictures of your furbaby!

  3. This is a most fantastic post.All your antiques are just wonderful with the stories that go with them.Love the desk story and the match box holder.I just bought my daughter an antique matchbox holder.She loves anything old,so do I.Thank you for sharing your wonderful things.XXOO Marie Antionette

  4. Love all the items you have shown. What a great story accompanying the matchsafe. I'm still kicking myself for selling the hoosier cabinet I had back in the late 70s. Grrrrr!

  5. You have some really beautiful things. I love your decorating style. My favorite is the desk; a few months ago I was so lucky. I found one of the old 1869 desks from the mill village school here. My stepfather and his friends all went to that school. Like you I treasure it because it holds many stories. Thank you for the post.

  6. Hiya Pam!

    Now you must know that I love all of your favorite things.
    I just can't help it, it's in my blood.
    Loved the story behind the desk and mathbox holder.
    Your Chuck is one talented guy!


  7. Pam you have some wonderful pieces, made even more special with the sentiment attached to each. Thanks for giving us a peek into your beautiful home!

  8. Thanks you all. ♥ I look forward to seeing other TDIPTers favorite things.

  9. Pam, I can see why all of these are your favorite!! But I must say the pie safe is my favorite. Not only because of its beauty, but because it was built with such love! Your hubs is a real sweetheart. :> )

  10. Pam, Love the table, what a treasure! And lucky you with that talented Chuck!

  11. Love it all, Pal!!! thanks for giving us a goldieloo glimpse ♥

  12. Love the schol desk I was lucky and found one at a yared sale I love it carol from


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