Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mama Pilotto`s Sugo Recipe
Well, I almost got into trouble for wanting to give you this recipe...My hubby Dino said its a family secret...& I said, well...too bad! So here it is.Oh yea! Don`t ever call it Spaghetti sauce...its sacrilegious..its Sugo...spaghetti sauce is something all together different...& go out & buy a good bottle of Valpollacello or a good Shiraz...and make a crisp green salad...keep it simple...lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, cucumber, good virgin olive oil - (from Italy of course) & wine vinegar, salt & pepper...thats it...last but not least...buy the real parmasan cheese... not the stuff that smells like stinky feet & comes in a plastic bottle...you know what I am talking about! You just can`t beat real Parmasan cheese, splurge for once...it is so delicious grated on your pasta or have a slice with your wine before dinner.
3 stalks celery

1lb ground beef or turkey or chicken

if your vegetarian just omit the meat

2 tbsp butter....yes butter...everything is better with butter

3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

1 large oinion

2 garlic clove, if you like garlic add more

Rosemary...fresh is better but dried will do

Basil...again fresh is better...use lots

fresh mushrooms as many as you like

1 small can tomatoe paste

1 small tomatoe paste can of water

2 large cans whole or chopped peeled tomatoes..use a good brand

lots of fresh parsley chopped fine

salt & pepper to taste

lightly fry garlic & onion in butter & oil then add the celery & mushrooms

add beef, rosemary, basil, salt & pepper...brown lightly

add tomatoe paste, canned tomatoes & parsley
Don't use cheap pasta...go out & buy the good stuff

simmer for 1 hour stirring occasionally

finally...don`t drown your pasta in sauce...its sacrilegious...grate the cheese on top of your pasta...pour a bottle of vino...eat your salad...light a candle or two...maybe a red checkered table cloth...Have a lovely dinner
I had to make a few changes to the above recipe...hubby's orders...apparently I made a few boo boos

Buon Appetito

Susan Pilotto - Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art


  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about :)
    I am definitely gonna have to try this - love Italian food, but I guess that's the Sicilian coming out in me... lol


  2. Ooooh Suzie, this sounds wonderful! I'm going to make it, but not before I head over to my fav Italian market for some "real" imported cheeses and a nice bottle of wine!

    Thanks for the recipe, and thanks to Mama Pilotto as well. It was fun to see your inlaws!

  3. I know what I'm doing this weekend!!!


  4. Suzie, this sounds unbelievably good! I'm glad you "convinced" Dino to let you share your MIL's recipe, I can't wait to try this one.


  5. Suzie thanks for sharing, now can you ship your MIL over to make this for me ? :)

  6. Suzie, this recipes sounds positively delish...
    My Mom (Polish) grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Jersey. She too makes a great Spaghetti...ooops, sorry, do not mean to be disrespectful. But I will try this recipe cause I know it will be wonderful and I too love Italian foods along with Lambrusco Wine.

    Have a Great day and many thanks for sharing,

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