Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome To My Creative Neck Of The Woods in Central New York!

By: Karin of Countryfolk Keepsakes

C'mon in!

I tend to create throughout the house. But instead of bread crumbs, a trail of thread leads me back to my cozy lil' space.

This past summer I refinished, painted and sealed the old pine floor.

I like to use vintage items unconventionally. A baby bassinet holds my fabric. Old wood barrels hold the wool for my dollies hair, an ol' TNT wood box holds my patterns and I keep all my scrap fabric in a pickle crock.

Last but not least, the area which connects me to all of you!

Please stop back to see more TDIPT members' studios!
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  1. Oooh Peanut! I love those floors and that baby bassinet, what a great idea! You guys are making me feel studio doesn't look anything like this! It's a mess! Thanks for letting us take a peek!


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  3. I love seeing how others have their studio's set up... its inspiring :)

  4. Oh Peanut, I just love your space!
    It is cozy/comfy.
    I'm like Jamie...the floor is FANTASTIC!

    You've got it looking like Spring has sprung in there!


  5. Peanut, your work space is absolutely wonderful! I love the old pieces used for storage. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my word!!! Love it!!! Just sit right down and start crafting!!!

    Love it,

  7. Love your work space, Peanut! Looks so warm and inviting, as well as nicely organized. ~ Deb

  8. Peanut!!! I'm moving in!!
    Those floors are divine!

  9. I just love your wonderful workspace, Peanut! You are so clever using the different vintage items to store your stuff. Sunny, inviting, neat as can be..........perfect!


  10. Peanut,
    Your craft studio is awesome! i just love your floor. the entire room gives off such a warm and cozy feeling. I would be happy to create in your room. God bless ~ Linda

  11. Love your crafting room, Peanut. It's so cheerful with the yellow color and I love the way you decorated it. I'd want to be there all the time!

  12. holy smokes, Goob... this is so gorgeous!!!

    can i move in too??

  13. I guess it's official...we're all coming to live w/ you Peanut! your workspace is GREAT!

  14. How did I miss this!! WOWSA!!! I would trade my pink insulation walls and no windows for that any old time!!! NICE Studio Nut! I love that yellow so warm and inviting and the floors well, I agree.... DIVINE! Hugs, MO

  15. Hello, I happened onto your blog by way of Herilooms by Ashton House...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sewing/craft should be in a magazine! Thanks for sharing!

  16. OOOhhh Peanut, I am so jealous. Your space inspires me. I am way NOT that organized. Your floors are to die for...Boy, such an ambitious and talented endeavor.
    Sooo happy for you,

    Much Peace and Blessings,
    Village Folk Art

  17. I am jealous..what a beautiful studio area.


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