Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Is Where Creactivity Happens!

A view inside by: Audrey of "Bay Ray's Child"

For some of you the most popular or well used room in the house is the kitchen...but for me my sewing/craft room is where the majority of my time is spent.
When I've had enough, I kick off my shoes and relax in the recliner!

Here are a couple of shots of the materials used and incorporated in my creations.


  1. Love your crafting room, Audrey. It's so organized and looks so cozy with the angled ceiling and warm furnishings. Also love the shot with all the little wooden shoe molds--I collect those, too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm still amazed at how you work in there, yet it's immaculate! How IS that???

    Thanks for sharing Audrey!

  3. Audrey, Are you sure this is your craft room??? It's so beautiful, neat and organized! I love your cubby hole desk top. Everything you have is arranged so nicely. It's gorgeous! Your room should be in the new "Where Women Create"' magazine.


  4. Just BEAUTIFUL Audrey! Man, you're so organized!
    I would spend most of my time in that comfy recliner! :> )

  5. Oh Audrey! What a beautiful stuio! I love all your collectibles there.

  6. Well Holy COW Audrey, with a sewing room that nice I might start sewing too.Its FANTABULAS !~~Pam

  7. This "crafting" room is heaven!! Absolutely gorgeous!! And an inspiration!! I thought I was organized- but this just makes you want to come in and get cozy!!

    Thanks for sharing:)

    Kaniki's Prims & Whims

  8. These studio posts are so much fun!

  9. What a warm and beautifully organized place to do your art! My husband would love it if I could keep my place so neat!

  10. I want to LIVE in Audrey's sewing room, and I'd love to have mine that neat and organized, but it's the way she has it furnished that is just the icing on the cake!


  11. Please tell me it is not usually this neat! :)

  12. holy cow.... i'd forget to sew in here!!

    no wonder your creations are so amazing - you have surrounded yourself with wonderful inspiration. I'd love to try this instead of the thread wads and fabric snips that seem to hang on to my slippers in the dungeon!

  13. I'm blown away when I see pics of any of the rooms in your home Audrey....but your sewing room takes the cake! I could get lost in there, it's just perfect!

  14. That is the TIDIEST work room i have ever seen!!! Its just as awesome as the rest of your house! Thanks for sharing Audrey!

  15. Your room is beautiful, Audrey! What a joy it would be to create in such an organized space surrounded by lovely collections. - Deb

  16. Dear Audrey,

    Your craft room is so warm and cozy. I would be in heaven to just sit in your recliner and look around at your awesome collection of collectibles. It was a joy to find this blog and be able to get a glimpse of your beautiful room! Thank you! God bless ! Linda

  17. Amen, I agree, I LOVE your craft room and surely you must have a full time staff? LOL!!!

    Thank you for sharing Audrey, it is just as lovely as the rest of your gorgeous place! Hugs, MO


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