Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Peek into Audrey's home

Audrey (aka Bay Ray's child) has one of the most beautiful homes you'll ever see.
It's an 1840's Brick Colonial complete w/ a gorgeous Carriage house! Her home is furnished w/ some of the finest antiques, and her collection of olde treasures is amazing!
She's agreed to share just a couple of Autumn pics w/ us now, but promises she will share many more at Christmas time, when they really gussy the place up!
I for one cannot wait!
Audrey says:
"Decorating is one of my favorite pastimes. This fall display sits on top of the armoire in my bedroom. Notice the Maple leaf doll. She has grown to be one of my favorite treasures and was made by 'countryfolkkeepsakes' a member of our TDIPT family"

Here is a pic of the Carriage House porch. She decided to share this room now, as it is adorned w/ all the warm rich tones of Autumn.

Her home is amazing, and we'll be counting the days until she gives us a peek inside at Christmas time.

Thanks for sharing with us Audrey!!


  1. Holy Cow! I want to see more! Your talent for decorating is top notch!I love your home and can Dan and I move in your carriage house?

  2. Your house is beautiful, Audrey! I can't wait to see it all decked out for the holiday! It will be eye candy, for sure. Thanks for sharing these pictures. - Deb

  3. Audrey, your home is gorgeous! I love your colors and cannot wait to see it all done up for the Holidays. Just simply beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us all.

  4. You know I love it ! Audrey I just dont know how you will be able to decorate it for the holidays with all of us moved in there! ;)
    Thanks for sharing.~~Pam

  5. i'm with loo-hoo... I spose we can all shift to one side of the boat while you decorate and then, all shift to the other side so you can finish the decorating.
    Your home just couldnt be more perfect - and I'm waiting with bated breath for the Christmas season to hit NY!)

    gorgeous ♥

  6. Ooooh Christmas at Audrey's! Now there's a reason to buy a plane ticket to NY! Can't wait for more pics!

    ~ Jamie


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