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A Sad Day for TDIPT ~ March 31st 2008

TDIPT has lost a very dear friend.
We are all so very sad. We've just received the news this morning that our prim sister Sue Zalik passed away suddenly on Saturday after suffering a heart attack.
We are so sorry and our hearts are breaking for her family.
Sue along with her sister Lynn worked closely together and made up the artistic duo we've come to know as "2 Stitchin". Together they have created some of the most wonderful original stitcheries. You could always look forward to seeing their new Ebay listings each week either on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but always to end on Sundays. Their work on the Mercantile was admired by many as well.

They have been with TDIPT since we began.
Sue was a such a dear lady, and enjoyed life to it's fullest. She always had something pleasant to say, but gave us all fair warning ahead of time that during the summer months, her presence on the board would be scarce, for she was going to be busy enjoying life w/ her family.
She loved camping and spending time outdoors.
The 2 sisters (Lynn and Sue) were so close, but often spoke of another sister and of course their dear Mother. Sue leaves behind a husband of 24 years, a 18 year old daughter, and a 12 year old son who she would dote on occasionally as being a great athlete, she was such a proud Mama.
Again, our hearts ache for her family.
Sue was only 46 years old.
Sue....we love you, we'll miss you, and we'll not forget you.

Be at peace dear one.....


Here is our interview from May 2007 w/ Sue and Lynn

Welcome to 'Musings from the Merc....'. All the members of TDIPT wish you all a very happy Memorial Day!
In 'Musings from the Merc...', we are in the process of interviewing all the artists associated with TDIPT! Today I drew one name, and got 2 artists! Lynn and Sue from 2STITCHIN!! Their work is fabulous and these sisters are as sweet and caring as they can be!

Lynn Staynoff & Sue Zalik
Lynn - Waterford, PA.
Sue - Cambridge Springs, Pa., 20 miles south of Erie. Pa. on Lake Erie
Family info:
Lynn: Husband,Gary-28 years of marriage. Daughter, Katie, age 26.
Sue: Husband, Joe, husband - 24 years of marriage, Daughter, Sarah, 18 years and Son, Andy age 11.
Business Name/eBay ID: 2stitchin
Other Selling Venues: eBay and The TDIPT Mercantile
Tell our readers about your workspace/sewing room/studio:
Anywhere in our homes, all we need is a comfortable chair and good lighting for stitching.
Do you have any organizational tips?
Expandable file folders for our drawings/designs.
Tell me about your "ideal" workshop/sewing room/studio:
We can design and stitch practically anywhere. All we require is a good idea, a good pencil and sketch pad, a hoop, needle, floss and cloth.
Who or what inspires you?
Each other, nature, and animals.
What do you collect?
Sue collects crocks and Lynn loves wooden bowls.
What type/medium/style of art have you NOT tried that you would like to learn?
Needlepunch and rug hooking.
What would you be doing if you were not creating primitives and/or folk art?
Hard to say, Lynn is ready to retire even though she's not that old yet and Sue just loves being a stay at home mom.

What is the best thing about creating primitive/folk art?
Seeing a design come to life just using a needle and thread.
What is the most frustrating thing about creating primitive/folk art?
When no designs come to mind!
How many hours do you spend a week creating?
We have never really calculated time, when the stitchery is done it is done!
What is your favorite room in your home, and why?
Lynn - the living room with the fireplace because its cozy and warm during our long, long winters here!
Sue - the sun room with its many windows to let the sun in during those long winter months!
How do you manage your time between family, home, and creating?
It's a juggling act! We have been known to stitch in the car on the way to our kid's sporting events!
Do you have any advice for an artist wanting to break into selling primitives/folk art?
Don't give up, any business just takes time and patience.
What other Primitive Artists influence and inspire you?
Anyone who is willing to take a chance and introduce something new and different.

Tell us three things about yourself that would surprise us!
Sue loves to ride with her husband on his Harley.
Lynn is learning to sail the boat herself.
Both of us use to be Scottish Dancers.
Both of us are basket weavers.
THANKS Sue and Lynn for sharing your thoughts on creating and your lives with us! Please leave 2STITCHIN a comment - I am sure they would love to hear from all the stitchers and collectors out there!
The TDIPT Mgmt. Team

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